This is a 4 week group coaching program & Purium cleanse where you will be supported every single day to ensure you reach success!

*If you are interested in taking part the next time this is offered, or would like to have this offered for your personal group, contact me!

Are you ready to hit the reset button and transform your health and your life?


Are you ready to change your relationship with food to a healthy one, and feel the positive effects of doing so?

Feel healthy.  Feel good in your clothes.  Feel good in your body.  Feel Energetic!  Feel proud of yourself!

Do you want to change how you eat, set good intentions, and end up feeling disappointed?

At times, does it feel like your food your cravings are in control?

Tired of your clothes not fitting how you want them to?

Are you tired of being tired, and not having the energy you want to have fun in life?

Have you considered doing a cleanse, but they they intimidate you and your not sure you could do it? Or maybe you have tried and it didn't go so well....

Wouldn’t it feel great to get a jump start on weight loss, settle into a habit of eating healthier, in the correct portions, in a way that your body thanks you for? How about creating a healthier way of eating that you truly enjoy and actually lasts? 

 It doesn't need to feel like a struggle.

Being fully supported will help you succeed, and have fun while doing do!

A big part of the problem is that our eating habits can be closely tied with emotions and we tend to eat for so many other reasons than nourishment. In addition, most processed foods are created by food scientists with ingredients to make us crave more!

For most of us our emotional relationship with food and our addictions to processed foods & sugar is at the core of our struggle.

In this program, you'll  explore your food habits, and learn to be more conscious about the food you eat, leading to a healthier body, lifestyle, and feeling fantastic about yourself!

Imagine entirely changing your relationship with food to a much healthier one in just 4 weeks, lose some weight, and set yourself up to succeed in creating healthy eating habits that will last! And all with the guidance & support you need to make it happen!

How would it feel to:

From a previous participant:    “I felt fantastic, with lots of energy and lost 10 pounds!”      ~   N.G. Oregon

From a previous participant: 

“I felt fantastic, with lots of energy and lost 10 pounds!”  

N.G. Oregon

  • Break food addictions by taking a 10 day vacation from processed foods.

  • Lose weight and learn how to maintain it. The average person loses about 11 pounds!

  • Reset your metabolism.

  • Flood your body with nutrients while purging your body of toxins.

  • Hit the reset button.

  • Jump start a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lose fat, rather than water weight or muscle.

  • Reprogram your body & mind to choose healthy foods.

  • Stop the struggle and feel good about what you are eating.

  • Change your relationship with food for good, allowing you to eat a healthy diet & actually enjoy it!

  • Gain energy to live the life you love.

  • Have better digestion & less bloating.

Some powerful words from a previous participant: 

“I joined this program because I was having some health issues. I was having migraines that lasted for days at a time. Nothing I did seemed to provide complete relief. I also had inflammation and pain in my joints that just wasn't going away. I spent a couple thousand dollars at the doctor doing tests/blood work and found nothing. Next step would be scans, etc. I am one that hates taking medication. I wanted to try something natural. I have wanted to try a cleanse for quite awhile but just never did it. I thought this would be the perfect time. I had nothing to loose and it's definitely cheaper than all these doctor visits with no results! About 2 weeks before starting the cleanse I started cutting back on caffeine and cleaning up my diet. I thought I would struggle with hunger through the cleanse but that wasn't the case! After the cleanse was finished I decided to continue on with an elimination diet to see if certain foods were possibly causing my issues. I'm only about a week into that but so far all is good - and Shelly has been there for me every step I've taken on this journey!  I have seen so many benefits from this program. I have not had a migraine or painful joints since I started with the Purium 10 day cleanse! I am sleeping better and feel much more refreshed when I wake in the morning. I have plenty of energy to get through my day. No more mid afternoon slump! I seem to be in a better mood which has also helped the relationship I have with my husband. The Purium 10 day cleanse and the group transformation, led by Shelly, have drastically changed my life for the better in a very short amount of time!”

S.M.B.  Minnesota


Have questions? I'm more than happy to chat with you! 


Feel good in your clothes.    Feel good in your body.   Feel Energetic!  Feel proud of yourself!

More from a previous participant: 

“Being apart of a group kept me more accountable than doing a cleanse solo. Sharing ideas, feelings, and support made this a one of a kind experience! This experience taught me to understand my cravings and that when I do want a "treat" it's okay! I found different alternatives in my diet for my cravings and just felt better mentally and physically when it was all over, and I didn't really feel like I was depriving myself of anything.”

K.M.S, Dupont, Wa

I am beyond excited to be offering this program!

WHY? Because through my experience in coaching clients around healthy diets, I know that at the core of our struggle with food is our emotional relationship with food and our addictions to processed food and sugar. I know that you can go on any fad diet you want, and loose some weight, and feel a bit better but if you are not addressing these 2 core issues, it's very likely that it won't last. This leaves you still feeling a struggle around what you eat and stuck on the miserable dieting rollercoaster and feeling hard on yourself about it. That's not fun for anyone. I know this program can be your ticket to changing how you eat for good. All you need to do is say yes, and show up to do the work in a super supported environment. 

While you may want to loose some weight, we both know that this is not only about weight loss. This is about learning to sustain a healthy diet that supports you and a healthy weight for good, and learning to actually enjoy it! This is about feeling good & vibrant in your body & in your life so that you can enjoy the things you love and the people you love to spend time with. This is about showing yourself the self love that you deserve by stepping up to do what is best for you. You are so worth it! 

Here's how it works:

  •  We will spend 5 Tuesday evenings in a row together. You will take part in these group coaching sessions each Tuesday evening lasting 1.5 hours via online video conferencing that you can connect to via internet or phone from wherever you are. In these coaching sessions you will be supported in changing your relationship with food to a healthy one in a way that lasts. You’ll be supported in being fully prepared to ease into a 10 day transformation cleanse, supported throughout the entire cleanse, and as you ease out and into your new, healthier lifestyle that sticks.
  • Email support with me between sessions.
  • Daily support via a private Facebook group where we can all connect.
  • Daily support emails & text messages while you are doing your 10 day transformation.
  • All the support you need to change the trajectory of your health.
  • You will receive all of the superfoods you need for the 10 day transformation. (as well as a Purium membership with discounts & benefits, should you decide to continue to use or share these fantastic superfoods after the program ends) This covers most of your nutrition for 10 days. I'll even be applying a $50 gift certificate off your order. (And i'll take care of your order for you and have it shipped to your door from Purium. Easy peasy!) Your grocery bill will go down to almost nothing for this 10 day time period. We’ll be doing this transformation together & supporting each other!
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to purchase individual, private wellness coaching sessions with me at a discounted rate during the program to further help you succeed in reaching your goals!

           Learn more about Purium, their products, and the 10 day Transformation by watching this short video:

Want to learn more about Purium superfoods and the 10 day transformation & products? Just click the button! 

Curious about what to expect?

*We'll meet every Tuesday evening from 6pm-7:30pm PST online via video conferencing. You can also join by phone!

Here you go:

Week 1

  • Get to know each other

  • Setting intentions

  • Overview of the program & what to expect.

  • Exploring our relationship with food and why your success depends on starting here.

  • “Self - Work”  (You can think of it as homework, only better) assigned for you to work on over the next week around your relationship with food.

Week 2

  • Discuss, explore, & learn from the ‘self work’ you’ve done around your relationship with food.

  • Adding another step to working on your relationship with food. Discussion, coaching, & another “self-work” assignment explained.

  • Cover exactly what to expect during the 10 day transformation/cleanse.

  • Begin to prepare your mind & body for the 10 day transformation cleanse.

Week 3

1st day of transformation!

  • What to expect, support, & how to support.

  • Learn about other detoxification methods to compliment your cleanse.

  • Explore what was learned in your “self-work” around your relationship with food, and talk about how that will help you succeed in the 10 day transformation and beyond!

Week 4

  • Celebrate day 8 of the transformation & discuss what you are experiencing.

  • Individual coaching & sharing experiences, learning from each other, & supporting each other.

  • Prepare to ease out of the cleanse.

Week 5

  • Moving forward & discussing how to overcome any foreseen challenges.

  • Setting intentions & goals in moving forward.

  • Easy ways to continue your new vibrant & healthy lifestyle!

What is the investment to change the trajectory of your health?                 

10 Day Purium Transformation w/shipping & membership with benefits:          $299.95

Group Coaching Program cost:                                                                           $250

Total cost for your 2017 Transformation:                                                             $549.95

Special $50 gift certificate applied towards your Purium superfoods:             -$50.00

Final cost:                                                                                                              $499.95

***NOTE: If you would rather order your own cleanse and just pay for the program cost of $250.

*Specially priced private coaching sessions available for those that would like some additional support during this program!

Are you ready to say YES to yOURSELF and your hEALTH?

Are you ready to make this YOUR year to truly transform?

Here’s what to do:

Simply hit the “I’M IN” button!

Take a moment to read the Terms of the program.

Send your payment via PayPal.

Either call me at 360-970-3963 or send me an email at with your phone number and a good time to contact you so that I can gather the additional information from you to get started and get your package of superfoods on the way!

ATTENTION: By clicking the "I'm IN!" button and sending payment you are agreeing to the programs TERMS & CONDITIONS. You can read them by clicking the button here:

(Are you already a Purium Member? Order your own transformation products, and Join us for the program for only $250! Just drop me a line and I'll send you a PayPal invoice for the program. )

Is this program right for me?

This program is perfect for:

  • Someone who is excited & ready to make the shift into a healthier way of eating & living.

  • Someone who is ready to dedicate 1 month of doing the work while being fully supported to set themself up for success in the long run.

  • Someone who is ready to have better digestion, more energy, and shed fat. 

  • Someone who is tired of the yo-yo struggle in dieting, and ready to create some positive changes that will last leading to better health and more energy to live the life you love to the fullest!

This program is NOT for:

  • This is not for those looking for a quick fix to their health & weight issues only to go back to their regular way of eating.

  • This is not for those with serious health issues.

  • This is not for those who are not willing to do some personal work & eat a limited diet for the 10 day transformation. Remember, it’s temporary! We can do almost anything if it’s temporary!

Are you still not positive that this is the right program for you? Do you have questions? Maybe you want to know more of what to expect? I would love to chat with you, answer any questions you may have, and help you decide if this is the right step for you and your specific needs! Just get in touch!

I'm going to try to be a mind reader here and address some of the questions or concerns that many of you may have:

Doing a 10 day cleanse with a limited diet makes you nervous, and you are not sure you can do it?

I’ve experimented with various cleanses over the years including juice cleanses, raw food cleanses, and even the master cleanse where I was drinking only lemonade for 10 days! Whether you have tried these ‘fasting’ style of cleanses and know how hard they are, or whether you are someone who has been curious but never attempted one, and think people like me are crazy, I’m here to put your mind at ease!

The Purium 10 day transformation is hands down the easiest, most satisfying, and most effective cleanse I’ve ever done by far. You are not starving yourself. In fact it’s the exact opposite! While you are restricting your calories, you are flooding your body with high quality superfoods & taking great nutrition in every 2 hours while you are cleansing! Along with the delicious green power shakes, you can eat a variety of foods as well to keep you feeling satisfied while cleansing & flooding your body with superfood nutrition. I personally have never felt better. All the while, you are literally retraining your body to respond to your cravings in a new, healthier way!

The 10 day transformation keeps you feeling satisfied, and you will love the results! Is it easy? I wouldn’t say easy, but with a little dedication on your part and a ton of support from myself and the group, I know that anyone can do this, including you! Additionally, if it still feels like too much, or if your weight loss goals are not your priority, this transformation can be altered to be taking more food in, making it easier than ever. I’m happy to discuss these options with you.


Group coaching calls? What will I get out of them? I’ve never done video conferencing before!

You will get as much out of this program as you put in. I’m providing the framework & support for you to succeed in such a big way. All you need to do is show up, accept the support, and do the work to create the transformation that you have been craving for a long time.

Video conferencing allows us all to meet virtually so that you and the other participants can fit this program in your busy schedule from wherever you are. We will truly connect during these calls. The calls will be informative. I’ll assist each person with their individual needs, struggles, & goals while you all learn together & support each other. I’ll assign “self work” at each session for you to work on between sessions around your relationship to food, and to prep you for the 10 day cleanse and beyond.

These calls will be informative, personal, expanding, supportive, and you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other amazing people with similar goals as you, as well as have the opportunity to support each other in reaching them! Perhaps even making long term friends in the process!

What does a day on the 10 Day Purium Transformation look like?

First, a quick intro to the superfood products:

The products/superfoods that come with your 10 day transformation cover all your bodies needs! Vegetables, protein, & fruit, along with gentle cleansing herbs & assistance in keeping you hydrated! For more details, please peruse the Purium website here:

  • Power shake - The delicious, lightly sweet tasting, green, superfood drink you will enjoy 3 x a day!
  • Super amino 23 - A complete & easily digestible source of aminos, the building blocks of protein.
  • Super CleansR - Enhances deep cleansing by ‘keeping things moving’. Proper elimination is a really important part of cleansing. This is very gentle. No need to stay close to a bathroom like many cleanses. It also contains gentle herbs to help your body with parasite defense.
  • Super lytes - To help with hydration, like a sports drink would!
  • Apothecherry - A nutritionally dense food full of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and a great source of melatonin to help you get deep, rejuvenating rest!
  • What are flex foods? You are allowed 3 flex foods or beverages per day if you are doing the traditional transformation. Flex foods help you to retrain your hunger response, allowing you to respond to your cravings in a whole new healthy way.

The list below are suggestions. As long as it is a fruit or veggie (other than bananas or starchy veggies) of a reasonable portion size, you are welcome to consume it. Please don’t add dressings or toppings except Himalayan sea salt, fresh lemon or garlic or cayenne pepper. No meat, dairy, or bread.

Flex foods:

  • Apples-avocados-watermelon-blueberries-celery (unlimited)-cucumber (unlimited)-Summer squash-spinach -broccoli-kale-fermented vegan foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, or fermented veggies.

Flex beverages:

  • Unsweetened almond or coconut milk, Kombucha, any Purium ‘green drink’, herbal tea, veggie broth, hot water with lemon, honey, & cinnamon.

Know that there are creative ways to make these flex foods delicious and we’ll discuss this! I have a lot of great ideas & resources to draw on.

Here is what a day looks like:


  • 5 Super Amino Tablets

  • Superlytes

  • 1 Flex food

2 Hours Later:

  • Powershake

  • SupercleanseR

2 Hours Later:

  • Super Aminos

  • Super Lytes

  • 1 Flex food

2 Hours later:

  • Powershake

  • Super cleansR

2 Hours later:

  • Super Aminos

  • Super Lytes

  • 1 Flex food

2 Hours later:

  • Powershake

2 Hours later:

  • Apothecherry

As you can see by the schedule, you are putting delicious nutrition in every 2 hours to keep you feeling satisfied, nourished, & feeling good! The Powershakes are delicious and lightly sweet while only containing 2 grams of sugar, and they are surprisingly filling! Would you like a sample of the powershake? Let me know & I'm happy to send you one! 

Can I modify this schedule of food and Powershakes? What if it doesn't feel like enough?

While it's normal to feel a bit hungry as you start the transformation, most people find that their appetite adjusts in a couple of days and having a powershake or flex food every couple of hours is perfectly satisfying for them. This being said, everyone has different psychological needs & emotions around food. If you feel challenged more than you care to be, or if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, I can help guide you in modifying the program with in reason to fit your needs. You can opt to have a small flex meal to replace 1 Powershake a day. If you have questions or concerns around this, let me know and I'm happy to discuss your options with you and address any concerns you may have. 

Of all the cleanses and weight loss programs out there, why the Purium 10 Day Transformation?

I’ve done a lot of experimenting and research on different superfoods, cleanses & weight loss products. I’ve been a big advocate of preparing whole foods at home as the healthiest way of eating. I’ve never been much of a ‘products’ kind of person as most of them seem to have a number of questionable ingredients (along with the good stuff) that I wouldn’t want to advocate using, and are not clear on the purity or sourcing of the ingredients.…..until I found Purium products.

The more I’ve learned about Purium products and experienced the difference they make myself, the more I am impressed with the quality & purity of their products, the amazing effects they have on the body, their unique methods of minimal processing to preserve the nutrients, as well as the integrity of the company. Their superfoods are pure gold in my opinion, minimally processed from high quality food, and I believe that they have created the best cleanse available, the 10 day transformation.

 People see miraculous results in their health & wellbeing across the board doing this 10 day cleanse, and by joining my 2017 Transformation Program, you can be one of those people while being fully supported the whole way through!  

What do you say? Are you ready to say YES to YOURSELF and make 2017 YOUR YEAR to transform your life and your health? Just hit the "I'M IN" button and let's get started!

ATTENTION: By clicking the "I'm IN!" button and sending payment you are agreeing to the programs TERMS & CONDITIONS. You can read them by clicking the button here:

Making great choices for yourself feels amazing. You are ready. You've got this, and you are supported! Relax. You deserve it. ALL OF IT!

Making great choices for yourself feels amazing. You are ready. You've got this, and you are supported! Relax. You deserve it. ALL OF IT!


What do others have to say about working with Shelly?

"My intention was to become aware of deep rooted emotions involving food. I walked away with a sense of empowerment and a lot of realizations on why I do what I do. New self awareness around my relationship with food, new awareness regarding how I use food as comfort mostly around fear. A new awareness around how I perceive myself and knowledge for redirecting my thinking. It was one of the best personal growth experiences I've ever had."

B.H. - Olympia, WA


Working with Shelly has been such a pleasure - she really is a breath of FRESH air, especially for me! I tend to be wound a bit tight and inpatient but her way of coaching and helping me along has been so amazing.  She is a great listener and really has the ability as a coach to hold the space for you to grow and change.  It's amazing to think back to when I started with her! I'm in a such a happier, healthier, and overall better place!  I wouldn't hesitate to work with her whether you have health issues or need support in starting over - I was kind of both and she was just what I needed!

S.K. -  Chicago 

"Shelly is a talented facilitator: organized, articulate, compassionate, and a very perceptive listener. I got a tremendous amount out of our 2 hours together. I left feeling motivated and empowered with action steps that were achievable and tools to help me continue the work on my own, too."

S.S. - Olympia, WA

"Shelly is so honest and I have never felt so safe being honest and open with someone and receptive to their feed back. I am in a much better space. I loved the coaching I received. You really helped me see things in a different light."

J.H. - Olympia, wa

 "I am very happy and appreciative of the coaching I received. It helped me tremendously by guiding me in the shift I needed to make in my life. The most impactful part for me was being able to work with a coach who is and provided an atmosphere that was calm, understanding, and non-judgmental. That allowed me to be and find my authentic self and really work on the things I needed to change. What also made a big impact was being held accountable for the actions and steps I needed to take in order to manifest the physical changes in my life. It is most often the hardest part of it all, but a necessary one and having that person check in with you to make sure you are staying on track, and supporting you in the process, makes all the difference!  I was transformed by the experience! Shelly provided a calm, caring, supportive and nonjudgmental environment that allowed me to make incredible changes in my life."

L.J. - Olympia, WA