Hi, I’m Shelly!


Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here!

 I’m a wellness coach living in the amazingly beautiful Pacific Northwest. Born & raised in Minnesota, I’ve called Olympia, WA home for the last 15 years. Besides my passion for the work that I do, I love doing pretty much anything in nature, live music & dancing, crafting, gardening, traveling, and spending time in my kitchen.

It’s always been my place to hold supportive space for people as they navigate life. It’s something that comes naturally to me. I’ve been training to do work that I do in my coaching practice my entire life because of this. It is truly my calling, and it fills me more than anything else I do. There’s nothing I love more in life than holding the container, that safe space needed, for my clients to transform their lives, and being able to witness those transformations. It’s truly my biggest passion in life.

I connect easily with people and tend to naturally help to put my clients at ease in their process of opening themselves to the personal growth that they are craving. I realize it’s not always comfortable work, and I love creating a safe & supportive space for them to do so.

I am a Transformational Life Coach certified through Seattle Life Coach Training where I gained the coaching skills to support others in excelling in all aspects of life.

I am also an Integrative Nutrition Health coach, trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories, healthy living, and practical lifestyle coaching methods.    

I draw on the knowledge and experience from my training, my innate abilities and gifts, as well as my own life experience to support others on their journey to health, wellness, & happiness.

I believe that the recipe for true & lasting change in your life has 3 ingredients.

 Self-love is the first. I believe that we need to come from a place of feeling worthy of doing the work. I incorporate self love into all of the work that I do with my clients, because I deeply believe it’s the cornerstone.

Baby steps are the second. As much as we’d like to change everything at once, it’s simply not sustainable….And you want to create change that lasts right? Taking small steps at a time will impact your life far more than you think, and they will actually stick, unlike crazy fad diets or trying to take anything all on at once.

 The third ingredient is support & accountability. This is what I provide as your wellness coach.


Being a life & health coach, you may think that I’ve always had a healthy & balanced life style.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, eating the standard, unhealthy, American diet, and partaking in the typical small town antics of caring far too much what others thought of me, and judging myself along the way. I ate a lot of processed food, fast food, junk food, and made decisions in life not based on what would truly make me happy, but based on what other people would think and how I judged myself. (I know I’m not the only one here.) I was clueless about how to actually eat healthily. I thought it meant sacrifice. I was clueless about my potential, what I wanted life to look like, and how to get there. I didn’t have the confidence to go after what I wanted, even if I knew what it was! I worked stressful jobs that drained the life out of me.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in patterns & habits that I know don’t serve me, while not really knowing how to create change.

It can feel like you are running in a hamster wheel, and you just don’t know how to get out of it! I know what it feels like to go through huge changes in life with relationships, career, moving, diet, health, all of it. I know what feels like to NEED a fresh start.

I Also Know What It Feels Like To MAKE A Fresh Start.

I’ve had a lot of fresh starts in my life.  I’ve reinvented myself many times….each time into a healthier, happier, better version of me.  Through the many fresh starts in my life, I have transformed how I eat and live. I’ve moved across the country, I’ve traveled on my own a lot, I have changed careers, and launched myself into being an entrepreneur,  I’ve learned to move on from relationships that are not in alignment with who I really am. I’ve created habits in my daily life that are healthy, reduce stress, keep me present, & make me feel good in the moments of my days!

I’m happy.  I feel good in my skin. I stay active doing things I love. I eat whole foods, organic foods, local foods, and most of it is plants! I’ve switched all the products I use in my life over to non-toxic, natural things for use on my body and in my home. I’ve greened the hell out of my life, and it feels really really good.

I’ve found balance in my diet, health, & wellness. I eat really really well most of the time, and I never sweat indulging in going out to eat, having cocktails, or dessert, because I know that it’s about what I do most of the time, not all of the time. I embrace an 80/20 lifestyle in that way.

I’ve learned to set boundaries and have healthy relationships, my career is exactly what I want to be doing, and my lifestyle feels like it has balance and is authentic to the person I am and want to be!

I’ve done the work to get to a place of feeling self-love & self-worth! This was not present much of my life. I make self-care & keeping my own cup full a priority so that I am able to feel good and offer myself to others, and I know that I am worth the effort to continue working on me.

Why Does it Sound Like I’m Bragging?

Because I want you to understand that ALL of these changes can be made

I contribute much of the success and change in my story to working with coaches. The clarity and support provided by coaches that I have worked with have been invaluable in my life. This is what has really drawn me to be a coach myself.

I KNOW how well having the support of a coach works. I know how amazing it feels to make healthy & positive changes in life, and I know that we all need support in doing so. I’m here because I want to support you on your road to transformation because I know it can be really hard to do on your own.

I’m far from perfect and continue on my own journey of personal growth every day of my life. I continue to work with coaches myself because I know the impact that having the right support can make.

It took me a long time to get to this place, and I want to help you get here a lot faster.

I know it’s hard to know where to start. It’s hard to navigate through it all, decide what is important to you, and to actually know how to implement change in life that will truly last. I mean really! Where do you start? With the latest self-help book, or eating more greens?!?!

My passion is helping people like you navigate through it all, and to support you in creating the life that you daydream about!

Interested in how working with me could change YOUR life?

I would like to offer you a complimentary session with me. We will take some time together to explore where you are at, what you want your life to look like, goals, and how you can make it happen. If I can help you further, I’ll tell you how, but there’s no pressure.

I work with local clients in person at my office on the west side of Olympia, and clients everywhere else via phone and video conferencing.

A Journey Of Transformation Always Starts With 1 Small Step.

Take Your Step, and Schedule a Complimentary Session With Me Today.

You Have Nothing To Lose, And Everything to Gain!