Hi, I’m Shelly!

The Short Version…..I am a wellness coach living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My passion is supporting people in making a fresh start to creating the lasting change in their life that they desire.

Together we create a healthier & happier way of being, a lifestyle that feels good, balanced, and authentic to the person you want to be! And, we have fun doing it.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health coach, trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories, healthy living, and practical lifestyle coaching methods.    I’m also a certified Life Coach trained through Seattle Life Coach Training, where I gained coaching skills to support others in excelling in all aspects of life.

I draw on the knowledge and experience in earning these two certificates, as well as my own life experience with a lot of fresh starts, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and personal work to support other's on their journey of health, wellness, & happiness.

The Longer Version…

Me being a wellness coach, you may think that I’ve always had a healthy & balanced life style.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, eating the standard, unhealthy, American diet, and partaking in the typical small town antics of caring far too much what others thought of me. I ate a lot of processed food, fast food, junk food, and made decisions in life not based on what would truly make me happy, but based on what other people would think and how I judged myself. (I know I’m not the only one here.) I was a cigarette smoker. I had skin issues. I was chubby, and I had migraine headaches from the age of 6 on.

I was clueless as to how to eat healthy, I thought it meant sacrifice. I was clueless to my potential, what I wanted life to look like, and how to get there. I didn’t have the confidence to go after what I wanted, even if I knew what it was! I worked stressful jobs that drained the life out of me. I’ve had my heart broken, and felt like had to start over after relationships ended that I thought were ‘the one’.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

I know what feels like to find yourself feeling like you are running in a hamster wheel, and you just don’t know how to get out of it! I know what it feels like to go through huge changes in life with relationships, career, moving, diet, health, all of it. I know what it’s like to NEED a fresh start.

I know what it’s like to MAKE a fresh start.

I’ve had a lot of fresh starts in my life.  I’ve reinvented myself many times….each time into a healthier, happier, better version of me.  Through the many fresh starts in my life I have transformed how I eat and live. I’ve moved across the country, I’ve traveled on my own a lot, I have changed careers, and launched into being an entrepreneur, I’ve changed the relationships in my life, I’ve learned to move on from relationships that I was not able to change. I’ve reinvented myself after I found myself lost in relationships that were no longer serving me, and careers that were no longer fulfilling me. I’ve created habits in my daily life that that are healthy, reduce stress, & make me feel good!

Now, I’m happy, and I feel good in my skin. I stay active doing things I love like dancing & hiking. I eat whole foods, organic foods, local foods, and most of it is plants! I learned to LOVE vegetables! I’ve switched all products I use in my life over to non toxic, natural things (many of them homemade out of simple and cheap ingredients) for use on my body and in my home.

I’ve found balance in my diet. I eat really really well most of the time, and I never sweat indulging in going out to eat, having cocktails, or desert, because I know that it’s about what I do most of the time, not all of the time.

I embrace an 80/20 lifestyle in that way.

I feel good about my contribution to the local food economy and the environmental benefits to the food and products that I spend my money on. I feel good about the products that I put on my body, in my body, and use in my home. I’ve greened the hell out of my life, and it feels really really good.

I’ve learned to set boundaries and have healthy relationships, my career is exactly what I want to be doing, and my lifestyle feels like it has balance and is authentic to the person I am and want to be!

I’ve done the work to get to a place of feeling self love & self worth! This was not present much of my life. Now I look in the mirror and I love the person I am, I do a really good job at self care & keeping my own cup full so that I am able to feel good and offer myself to others, and I know that I am worth the effort to continue working on me.


It took me a long time to get to this place, and I want to help you get here a lot faster.

After experiencing how every small change and every fresh start in my life has lead me to feeling better, looking better, and living better, I decided that what I want to do is help others because I know it’s hard to know where to start, it’s hard to navigate through it all, decide what is important to you, and to actually know how to implement change in life that will truly last. I mean really! Where do you start? With the latest self-help book, or eating more greens?!?!

My passion is helping women like you navigate through it all!

I contribute much of the success and change in my story to working with coaches. The clarity and support provided by coaches that I have worked with has been invaluable in my life. This is what has really drawn me to wanting to be a coach myself.

I KNOW how well having the support of a coach works. I know how amazing it feels to make healthy & positive changes in life, and I know that we all need support in doing so. I’m here because I want to support you on the road to transformation, because I know it’s really hard to do on your own. I’m here because I want to help you make a fresh start into becoming a thriving new you!

Get in touch with me HERE if you are ready to explore making a fresh start!

I would like to offer you a complimentary Fresh Start Discovery Call. We will take some time together to explore where you are at, and what you would like a fresh start in your life to look like.

Are you WILLING to make this step to start the journey of your own TRANSFORMATION?

Are you READY for a FRESH START?