A Women’s Group Coaching Experience!

Because Self-Love Is The Foundation For Genuine Happiness And A Life That Looks & Feels How You Really Want It To!

Held in Olympia & begins in September!

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~ Intimate Group of Women ~ 4 Months ~ 8 Sessions ~ Support ~ ~Connection ~ Transformation ~ Personal Growth ~ Self Love ~



  • Self-Acceptance

  • Self-Compassion

  • Self esteem

  • Self-empowerment

  • Self-worth

  • Self-care

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-expression

Why is cultivating self-love SO important?

Does your inner voice sound WAY too critical & harsh?

Do you feel guilty when you take time for yourself?

Do you find yourself stuck in the trap of comparison? Feel critical of yourself and/or your body, & judge yourself far too harshly?

Do you find yourself settling for less than what you really want in your relationships, job, & life?

Do you find yourself battling with feelings of being ‘not enough’?

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries, leaving you in situations and relationships where you are giving too much and left feeling drained?

Do you put way too much pressure on yourself, while not celebrating what you have accomplished?

A lack of self-love is at the root of many of the challenges you face in life.

If you can get to the root, and create shifts there, everything else in life can and will shift for the better!

Self-love is the foundation for genuine happiness and a life that looks & feels how you really want it to!


Maybe focusing on self love is something that you have never explored before, or maybe you’ve read he latest personal growth books, taken online courses, or done self-love challenges & exercises, but still….you can’t seem to integrate these things into your life in a way that is consistent and actually sticks with you in an impactful way. This can be tough work, and it’s way harder to do on your own. Working in a group, with the support of a coach, in a safe & supportive space, over a period of time, can work miracles! Creating growth in the area of self love is so much easier in a setting like this!

This is my journey too……

Like many of us, I grew up with a lot of influence in learning to criticize myself, keep myself playing small in life, settling, and I had the idea that loving myself had to do with ego….and ego is bad right? It wasn’t until I really started diving into my personal growth work as an adult that I realized how negatively these patterns were affecting every part of my life, and ultimately keeping me from my happiness. In my own personal journey, whenever I felt a struggle around anything I was wanting to improve on or felt like I hit a wall in my personal growth, I would dig deep to the root of what I needed to do, and the answer I always found was that I needed to love myself harder.

What I’ve learned in my own personal experience as well as with the clients I’ve worked with in my coaching practice over the years is that if you can focus on self love and start seeing the link between the patterns, habits, & situations that don't serve you, you can gain clarity on how you can start making changes on the inside that will ultimately create the shifts you desire in your relationships, health, wealth, career, and happiness.


“Shelly Haas wellness coaching has given me the tools to be my best self! Her loving nature allows her to hold space for each individual she works with and lets them see the answers they hold inside. I would highly recommend working with Shelly Haas any any capacity you can. She has so much to offer to help heal the world!”

~Doty Catlin

When you focus on cultivating self-love, you get to the ROOT of the situation, which exists inside of you, instead of placing bandaids on situations in life hoping things will get better

Cultivating self-love is some of the most important work that we have to do in this life. If we do this work, everything else falls into place, and we have so much more to give. Self love is the cornerstone to any personal growth work in life that you desire.

When you build a cornerstone of self worth, all of the personal growth work and change in life that you crave begins to happen. Why? Because you finally feel worth the effort of really showing up for yourself. When you live life from a place of self-love, you approach everything & everyone else in your life with love. You allow your true greatness, and your unique purpose in life to come to light and shine in everything you do. And that inner critic? She shuts up! Can you imagine how great it would feel to silence the critical inner dialog?


Do you associate focusing on self love with being selfish? Think again. This work is MUCH bigger than you. When you love yourself, a ripple effect happens around you. You surround yourself in love. You spread love. You have more love to give. You can more easily receive love. You make decisions that reflect your love. All of this creates a ripple effect in your family, your home, your workplace, your neighborhood, your community, your country, your world. When you plant seeds of self-love and tend to them in your own life, that love grows into the world in countless ways. I truly believe that if we all learn to love ourselves harder, we can change the world. Let’s change the world together!

I have created this offering because I know how important this work is and I know that it’s SO much easier with support. One of my greatest passions in life is holding a safe, nurturing, supportive space for this magic to happen.

What does it feel like to deepen your sense of self-love?

  • You can let go of blame and shame.

  • You can let go of anger.

  • You are able to stand in your power.

  • You become responsible for your life and your happiness.

  • You feel more deeply connected.

  • You are more aware of your needs and are able to make them a priority.

  • You show up authentically in the world and live your purpose.

  • The more you love and accept yourself, the more you are able to love and accept others around you.

  • Self-sabotaging stops.

  • You can easily set loving boundaries.

  • You allow yourself to be human, stop competing with others and stop trying to prove yourself to anyone.

  • You worry a lot less about what others think.

  • You no longer feel like a victim.

  • You are more resilient.

  • You know you are enough. More than enough.

  • Love replaces fear.

  • You are more easily able to tap into and trust your intuition.

  • You have more love to give without feeling depleted.

  • Self-love feeds creativity, openness, and inspiration.

  • Your relationships heal and grow in beautiful ways, and you do a better job at choosing relationships that are healthy for you.

  • You stop thinking small because you no longer fear living big.

  • Your inner light shines naturally.

  • The feeling of scarcity is replaced with a feeling of abundance.



  • The group will meet every other week on Tuesday evenings in my office located on the west side of Olympia from 6:30-8:30 for 8 sessions beginning in September.

  • Sessions will consist of discussion, support, accountability check-ins, topics presented, various interactive activities as well as inward meditations. Each session closes with committing to focus on specific personal work in the area of self-love until we meet again. Each session opens with discussing & processing the experiences of that self-work over the past 2 weeks.

  • Each session will build on the last, and you will have the support, encouragement, wisdom, and accountability of the whole group to create deep change within yourself.

  • We will have a group online for everyone to connect, share experiences, resources, & support between sessions.

  • Dates: September 3rd & 17th, October 1st & 15th & 29th, November 12th & 26th, December 10th.

  • COST: $175 per month (monthly payments) - $700 for the full 4 months - with a bonus private session ($130 value) if paid in full.


    Feeling curious? Or Feeling ready to dive in?

    This Intimate group experience is limited to 5 women, So don’t hesitate!

  • Here’s what to do:

First, let’s connect! Why? Because I want to be able to answer any questions you might have, and hear a little bit about why you feel drawn to joining us, so that we both know it feels like a good fit for you! I’m committed to gathering a cohesive group of ladies for this experience that are committed to gathering together and creating a sweet comfortable space to connect in doing this work.

Next, You can save your space by reading the terms & agreement below and sending payment! You’ll receive confirmation and some questions to work on to get yourself clear on your intentions before we begin!

By making a payment below, you acknowledge that you have read & agree to the terms & conditions linked in the button above.

First monthly payment required to hold your spot. Monthly payments after are due before the odd # session - 3, 5, & 7.

BONUS!!! Pay the 4 months in full up front to hold your space, and receive a bonus private coaching session with Shelly to use at any time during the 4 months when you feel like you could use some extra support! ($130 Value!)

What do others have to say about working with me?


“My favorite and the most impactful part for me was being able to work with a coach who is and provided an atmosphere that was calm, understanding, and non-judgmental. That allowed me to be and find my authentic self and really work on the things I needed to change. I also received a different perspective on things I thought I knew and an awareness about things I never conceived of. What also made a big impact was being held accountable for the actions and steps I needed to take in order to manifest the physical changes in my life. It is most often the hardest part of it all but a necessary one and having that person check in with you to make sure you are staying on track, and supporting you in the process, makes all the difference! ~L.J. Olympia, WA

Self-love is a practice. Like anything else in life, it gets easier with practice.

How can we live in a more loving world? How can we feel happier in our life? More brave? More powerful?

The Answer Is To Start With Ourselves. Start With Self Love!


“Shelly is amazing, fun and inspirational! When you first meet Shelly there is an instant sense of peace with her. Her groups are calm, welcoming and puts you instantly at ease. I really enjoyed her energy and her obviously love for her work and other woman! I would highly recommend getting to know Shelly Haas and her fresh look and attitude toward wellness coaching and encouraging! She is truly amazing!”

~Brenda Holmes