I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

You wake up in the morning, feeling uninspired for your day ahead and think:

“This is not how i imagined my life.”

You feel like you are running in a hamster wheel.

The same circle day after day.

You crave reinventing life. You would love a fresh start.

You crave positive & healthy change, but you are not sure where to begin, or how to hold yourself accountable in actually following through. 

You feel like something is missing. Like you've forgotten exactly who you are, where your passion for life is, or what what things in life make you feel like you are thriving. You crave more, you crave change.....where do you start?

You’ve been negotiating with yourself that you’ll start tomorrow with eating better, with creating healthier habits, but tomorrow never comes, leading to your inner critic beating yourself up.  Your inner critic, that voice in your head, can be kind of a bitch.

This inner critic also makes you feel guilty any time you do take some time to focus on you, because your normal routine has been to put everyone else first. 

Imagine this:  You have the support you need to reinvent life. you have the support to navigate where to start. you have the support to hold you accountable in following through with the Changes you want to make, creating a Winning combination to help you truly transform!

So Instead, You wake in the morning feeling inspired & energized for your day ahead &  you think:

“This is the life I imagined living”.

You have energy, you feel healthy, and the lifestyle habits you have acquired bring you deep joy and make you feel proud of yourself. You've put in the effort to create change, and it feels amazing.

Your bitchy inner critic has been silenced, and replaced with An Inner cheerleader.

You have reinvented your life to one that feels healthier, happier, and more authentic to who you are, and it feels REALLY REALLY GOOD!

I want to support you in getting here!

My passion is supporting people like you in making a fresh start to a life that  feels good, inspired, healthy, positive, and full! A life that feels authentic to the person that you are and is a joy to wake to every morning. A life that does NOT feel like you are running in a wheel any longer…..

Here’s how we do it:

Private Coaching                              Group Coaching

"Working with Shelly has been such a pleasure - she really is a breath of FRESH air, especially for me! I tend to be wound a bit tight and inpatient but her way of coaching and helping me along has been so amazing.  She is a great listener and really has the ability as a coach to hold the space for you to grow and change.  It's amazing to think back to when I started with her! I'm in a such a happier, healthier, and overall better place!  I wouldn't hesitate to work with her whether you have health issues or need support in starting over - I was kind of both and she was just what I needed!"   Sarah - CHICAGO, IL