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Thursday October 19th 5:30-7:30PM

Learn how to transition into a healthier way of eating from wherever you are right now!

Benefits people experience from a clean, plant based diet:

More Energy

Weight Loss

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Relief From Chronic Headaches

Relief From Aches & Pains

Improved Mental Health

Disease Prevention

Manage Blood Sugar

Lower Cholesterol

Improved Blood Pressure

Healthier Skin

Better Digestion

Reduced Inflammation

Stronger Immune System

Arthritis Relief

Better Sleep

Mental Clarity

Over All Improved Health & Happiness!

Rather than going on diets, learn to make lifestyle shifts in how you feed yourself leading to sustainable change that your body, mind, & spirit will thank you for!

We will discuss what clean eating is, why it is important, and how to start incorporating cleaner eating into your diet.

You'l learn about whole foods vs processed foods, getting in the kitchen more and cooking with the whole foods, and how this can positively affect all areas of your health. You will walk away feeling inspired to make positive changes in your diet, as well as useful information & recipes to start guiding you in eating cleaner. Maybe you can meet some new friends to experiment in the kitchen with and encourage each other on your journey to health & wellness!

The cost for this workshop is $20

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Feel free to contact me with any questions!

shelly@shellyhaas.com or 360-970-396