• Flourish In Olympia (map)
  • 112 4th Avenue East
  • Olympia, WA, 98501
  • United States

Wednesday December 20th from 7pm-8pm

A special holiday week offering! 

This week I am switching up the usual schedule of Wednesday workshops.

This is a very busy holiday week for most of us, so I wanted to offer a free hour of calm and relaxation to the community. Treat yourself to this special relaxing hour! Anyone 12 and older welcome. 

Guided visualization meditation is a wonderful way to relax your mind, heart, and nervous system, as well as do some inner work. No previous meditation experience necessary. 

Please arrive promptly at 7pm to have a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable. The actual meditation will last approximately 40 minutes, leaving you some time to relax or journal if you wish before we close at 8pm. 

I will have some yoga matts, blankets, and bolsters/meditation pillows available to make yourself comfortable on the floor for this meditation. Please feel free to bring your own with if you can!  If you have one, an eye mask can be helpful for blocking out the light and diving deep during the meditation. If you are not physically comfortable on the floor, please let me know when you arrive, and I'll have a chair available for you. 

I look forward to sharing this space with you! 


NOTE: Flourish is located in downtown Olympia between the Spar Cafe and Capital City Guitars. Enter the door and head upstairs. We'll be in the large room as soon as you get upstairs!