• Flourish in Olympia (map)
  • 112 east 4th Avenue East
  • Olympia, WA, 98501
  • United States

Wednesday Feb 1st 7pm-9pm PST

Note: Flourish in Olympia is located between Capital City Guitars and The Spar Cafe & Bar. Enter the door and head upstairs. We'll be in the room at the top of the stairs!

This women’s connection group will be held the first Wednesday of each month. Come join us and connect!

We are all wired for connection. It is part of what feeds us and keeps us healthy, happy and feeling whole. Women have a need to connect with women. This kind of space has been shared throughout time in all different cultures, in all different spiritual practices, in all different ways.

In this time of so much internet connection, we are gathering in person and holding space for each other to connect. We hold space for each other to be seen, to be heard, to inspire, to share, to support, to grow, to heighten our sense of self awareness, to help each other along on our path of self love and continually evolving from the perfection of where we are now, to the best versions of ourselves possible.

We gather with open minds, open hearts, compassion, and non-judgement for every woman in the room.

focusing on connection, and topics that support us all on our path of self growth and self love.

Please show up with an open heart and mind, a willingness to hold space and positively support other women in the group as well as be open to other members supporting you as we actively participate in self awareness & self growth as a strong & loving group of women.

This group will look a little different each month, I'll facilitate this group with the intention of everyone having the space to connect, be seen, & be heard. I’ll do some coaching, we’ll do a lot of inquiry & discussion, exercises, and activities around connecting, healing, pushing comfort zones, self growth, wellness, getting to know ourselves, and learning to love ourselves.

What is shared in this group stays in this group.

I would like to encourage all ages of women to participate in this group. From 18 to wise older women. We can all learn a lot from each other.

The cost is $15 for this Group.

You can pay in person at the group. I prefer cash or check, but can take cards if you need. 


You can register & pay by clicking the register now button here: