• Our Table (map)
  • 406 4th Avenue East
  • Olympia, WA, 98501
  • United States

Every Wednesday I host a workshop in Downtown Olympia, mostly for women, except the coed meditation evenings. 

This Wednesday, I am planning a social dinner for the ladies that regularly attend my workshops instead! I want a chance for everyone to just have an enjoyable social evening sharing a meal together!

We will be meeting at one of my favorite local restaraunts, Our Table at 6:30 pm

If you are not familiar with Our Table, they serve amazingly delicious, organic food that's all made from scratch, in house, and sourced from local farms. They serve an ever-changing menu according to what they get in fresh from the local farms each week. I have huge admiration for their mission, and their chef skills! I love to support this restaraunt, and would like to share one of my favorite, local, healthy spots with you!

Our Table is located at 406 4th Ave. E in downtown Olympia. 

If you plan to join us, please drop me a line and let me know, as this is a small restaraunt, and if there is a larger group of us, I'll need to make a reservation!

shelly@shellyhaas.com or 360-970-3963

Join us for a healthy, local meal and connect with a great group of like minded women!