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Are you ready to make 2019 YOUR year? Is it time to intentionally create the life that you envision?

How would you like to connect and be supported by an amazing group of like-minded women?

How would it feel to harness the power of having a personal life & wellness coach AND a group of women who are behind you all the way in creating the life changes that your heart desires?

If you are a woman in the Olympia, WA area interested in taking part in a powerful & transformative group experience, drop me a line or give me a call! 
Shelly@shellyhaas.com 360-970-3963

The last group had an amazing time connecting & supporting each other on their powerful journey of personal growth, and meeting their goals! They bonded so much that they continue to support each other!

This group coaching program will be limited to just 5 women, keeping it intimate and assuring that everyone gets the attention and time they deserve. I take the time to talk with each person interested in participating as well as have them fill out a survey about what they would like to most focus on so that I know we’ll have a great, compatible group! 

*8 sessions total over 4 months will be held in person at my office in West Olympia, WA.

*Sessions will be 2 hours long, from 6:30-8:30pm every other Thursday, for 4 months, beginning January 24th, 2019.

*Small, intimate group limited to 5 women.

*Private Facebook group to communicate, support, receive support, check-in, share resources, and hold each other accountable in following through with your transformation.

*Email support with Shelly between sessions.

*Leave each session with homework/self-work to create the change in life that you are craving and the accountability support to help you follow through!

*Additionally, you will have the opportunity to schedule individual, private coaching sessions with me during the program to further help you succeed in reaching your goals!

*This program will be tailored to fit the specific needs of the group.

*This is a perfect fit for any woman wanting to create & reach goals, work on personal growth, connect & support other women, while having the support of-of coach and the group to create the life transformations they are craving!


*Feel energized, motivated, and focused on what is important to you.

*Feel better about yourself & your future. 

*Experience more awareness, self-love, self-care, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, & self-trust.

*Gain ownership of your body and experience improved health, energy levels, & wellbeing.

*Achieved your health goals whether that is eating healthier, weight loss, creating an exercise routine, gaining energy, or getting a grip on health issues and disease that is preventable through a healthy lifestyle.

*Greater clarity & focus in setting & reaching your goals.

*Improved ability to manage stress.

* Improved communication skills.

*Healthier & more fulfilling relationships.

*Feel more satisfied in all areas of your life, taking more action in life than you would on your own.

*Transform your inner critic into an inner cheerleader. 

*Feeling more balanced in life.

*Finally, overcome barriers & fears that have previously stopped you from getting what you want & doing what you want in life. 

*Design & create all areas of your life for maximum fulfillment, happiness, & health through taking more action in life than you would on your own.

*Stretch & grow in new & exciting ways!

*Lasting transformation in the areas of life that really matter to you. 

*Connect with other women on a similar path of personal growth, and be supported by this group! 


The full investment for this 4-month transformational group program is $560. That’s just $140 per month. 

If paid in full at sign up, you will receive a BONUS 60-minute private coaching session with me to use any time during the 4 months. 

If paying monthly, the first $140 payment is due upon signing up. The remaining 3 payments are due before the 3rd, 5th, and 7th sessions.