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ATTN: This is a repeat of the workshop held on March 19th. I limit this workshop to 8 women attending to maintain an intimate environment. Register to reserve your spot! The last one filled, with a waiting list! 

Ladies, I'm beyond excited to offer this workshop day for you! Please join us!

This is a day ALL ABOUT SELF LOVE! 

How can we live in a more loving world? How can we feel happier in our life? More brave? More powerful?

The answer is to start with ourselves. Start with self love!

Living from a place of self love allows you to live authentically, embracing your own uniqueness, and live a life true to who you really are rather than how you think the world would like to see you.


We will create a safe, comfortable, & sacred space together so that everyone feels comfortable sharing and to do the personal work they are there to do. 

We will spend the day diving deep into the topic of self love and focus on you creating a deeper sense of self love with in yourself.  We'll do this through discussion, personal and group exercises, journaling, & guided mediation. 


  • You can let go of blame and shame.
  • You can let go of anger.
  • You are able to stand in your power.
  • You become responsible for your life and your happiness.
  • You feel more deeply connected.
  • You are more aware of your needs and are able to make them a priority.
  • You show up authentically in the world and live your purpose.
  • The more you love and accept yourself, the more you are able to love and accept others around you
  • Self sabotaging stops. 
  • You can easily set loving boundaries. 
  • You allow yourself to be human, stop competing with others and stop trying to prove yourself to anyone. 
  • You worry a lot less about what others think. 
  • You no longer feel like a victim.
  • You are more resilient.
  • You know you are enough. More than enough. 
  • Love replaces fear. 
  • You are more easily able to tap into and trust your intuition.
  • You have more love to give without feeling depleted.
  • Self love feeds creativity, openness, and inspiration.
  • Your relationships heal and grow in beautiful ways.
  • You stop thinking small because you no longer fear living big.
  • Your inner light shines naturally. 
  • The feeling of scarcity is replaced with a feeling of abundance. 


When you love yourself, a ripple effect happens around you. You surround yourself in love. You spread love. You have more love to give. You can more easily receive love. You make decisions that reflect your love. All of this creates a ripple effect in your home, your workplace, your neighborhood, your community, your country, your world. 

Do you want to live in a more loving world? 

Let’s start with ourselves!


The cost of this day workshop is $75

Important: Please drop me an email after you send your payment with your name, email address, and phone number. Thank you!  email: shelly@shellyhaas.com

Are you interested, but you have some questions? Please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you!

Details for this day: 

Food: We'll be spending 6 hours together. There will be time for breaks and an assortment of healthy snacks, water, and tea will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own as well if you would like. Please have lunch before you come, and we will be done promptly at 7pm for you to go and have dinner.

What to bring: A journal or notebook, a yoga mat and/or blanket for the guided meditation portion. If you have one, an eye mask can be nice for blocking out the light during the meditation as well, but not necessary. There will be extra yoga mats, blankets and pillows available for use as well. 

A little bit about my story and why I'm so thrilled to offer this workshop:

 As a wellness coach, I believe strongly that self love is the corner stone for the true and lasting positive change in your life that you crave. I think the bottom line is that we really need to feel worthy of doing the work! I have this belief not only because of the work I have done with my clients around this, but also because of my own experience in this area.

I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years. I’ve worked on my diet, exercise, relationships, spiritual connection, career, & I’ve pushed myself forward into being an entrepreneur. I’ve let go of many things in my life that no longer serve me and I’ve worked hard at creating a fulfilling life that is abundant in things & people that do serve & support me.

Whenever I felt like I was hitting a wall in my own self work,  I would have a coaching session, I would journal, I would do the work to figure out where I was stuck, or what was blocking me, and it ALWAYS came down to this: I needed to love myself more.

I needed to really know my value, my worth. I needed to quiet my inner critic, stop judging myself,  and talk to myself like I would talk to anyone else I love. I needed to commit acts of self love on the regular. I needed to put myself first and keep my cup full to be able to make the transformations I wanted to and to continue to have a lot to give to others in my life and in my work.

Many of us grow up being taught to judge, and to be our own worst critic. Most of us had great examples of this from many sources growing up. This is something that I believe we need to consciously work on to correct the patterns & beliefs that we have held onto much of our lives. 

Self love is a practice. Like anything else in life it gets easier with practice.