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This is a very special night that I'm excited to host with Melissa Stewart! 

The first hour will be a special educational class facilitated By Melissa Stewart, RN on how to balance your emotional wellness with essential oils, and the second hour will be a guided visualization relaxation meditation facilitated by Shelly Haas, Wellness coach focused on grounding, and relaxation. Treat yourself to this evening, and leave feeling calm, grounded, and with tools to use to maintain your emotional wellbeing! You will also leave with a special oil blend rollerball. 

About the first hour: 

Your emotional health can greatly affect your physical health, such as hormonal balance, immune health, and energy to function day to day. By better managing our emotion wellness, we are able to become the best version of ourselves and make our dreams come true.
In this class, I will walk you through a protocol of applying specific essential oils to acupuncture points to remove common emotional blockages. I will also be addressing overwhelm, fears, self-esteem, clarity, and personal power. No prior essential oil experience necessary! You'll leave with class notes and essential oil blend rollerball. Please RSVP soon so we can prepare supplies. 

About the second hour: 

After the oils class, we will move over to the yoga room where you can stretch out on the floor and experience a 40 minute long guided visualization meditation focused on grounding and relaxation. I will have yoga matts, blankets, and bolsters/pillows available to make yourself comfortable on the floor for this. Please feel free to bring your own with if you would like to!  If you have one, an eye mask can be helpful for blocking out the light and diving deep during the meditation. If you would like to bring a notebook or journal with you for writing after the meditation, you are welcome to. If you are not physically comfortable on the floor for this period of time, please let me know when you arrive. There is a couch or chairs available for you to use, and am more than happy to accommodate. No meditation experience necessary, simply a willingness to relax and enjoy!

I look so forward to seeing you!


The cost for this workshop is $18

You can pay when you arrive. I prefer cash or checks, but am able to take a card if needed, just let me know!

You can also register & pay in advance by clicking the Register Now button: